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Recharge Voucher for PCS Mastercard France Cards

Top up securely and immediatetely

  • PIN valid for 12 months
  • Recharge any PCS Mastercard easily
  • No hidden extra charges

Avoid additional fees by topping up your Black, Chrome, Infinity, or Virtual cards online with this voucher


Use the code sent via email to add funds to your MyPCS account effortlessly. Easy, fast and secure


Top up on the web and steer clear of the extra charges incurred when using credit cards or in-store top-ups

Ease and Savings with Every Top-Up

    • Redeem your voucher in MyPCS account at no extra costs, a budget-friendly option compared to credit cards.
    • Perfect for youngsters: manage expenses and foster financial responsibility from an early age.
    • Global acceptance post-top-up: it can be used it at any online or physical store accepting Mastercard PCS Cards, no geographic bounds.
    • No bank account needed: a handy financial solution for all EU residents.
    • Spend only what you top up, avoiding debts and managing finances effectively.
    • Easy top-up: a straightforward process via your MyPCS account, hassle-free.
    • Quick and efficient assistance for any PCS Mastercard query.

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Frequently Asked Questions about MyPCS Prepaid Card

How do I redeem my MyPCS voucher?

After your purchase at doctorSIM, we'll send you a 10-digit PIN code to your email, ready to redeem or forward as a gift. To reedem it log in to "My Account" at or use the MyPCS app. Navigate to the top-up section, then to the PCS top up voucher section and enter your PIN. Your PCS Card balance will be updated instantly.

Can my voucher for PCS Mastercard France Cards be used internationally?

Absolutely! Though the voucher is to be redeemed within France, your PCS Card can be used worldwide wherever MasterCard is accepted, both in physical and online stores.

Do I need a MyPCS account to use this voucher?

Yes, youíll need a MyPCS account to redeem your voucher. This account provide you with a French IBAN number plus a PCS Mastercard France Cards, and you must be a resident of the European Union, at legal age and have a valid identification document, as it'll be required throughout the process. But don't worry, it's a very quick setup, and then you are all set to enjoy the benefits.

How do I check my PCS cash card balance?

You can easily check your PCS balance using the PCS app or website.
Want to keep things swift and straightforward? Just send a text with 'Solde' followed by the last 4 digits of your PCS MasterCard to get your balance instantly. Depending on your card type, text to 0601787878 for BLACK PCS, 0757575555 for CHROME PCS, or 0750090000 for PCS INFINITY. Your balance will be promptly sent to you via text message. A fee of Ä0.20 per SMS applies.
And if you're out of balance, remember that doctorSIM is the best option to get your PIN code directly on your email and recharge your card with no hidden fees!

Is it safe to purchase this MyPCS voucher at doctorSIM?

Your security is our priority. And thatís why we employ the most advanced online anti-fraud security measures available, ensuring every payment is protected, regardless of your chosen payment method. Just remember, never share your code with strangers and use it only to top up your MyPCS MasterCard.

Can I use this voucher directly for online or in-store purchases?

No, it's essential to remember that this voucher isnít for direct payments but for recharging a PCS Mastercard prepaid card. If youíre a resident of the European Union, youíre eligible to apply for this card.
Once loaded, use it globally or exclusively in France (depending on your plan) anywhere Mastercard is accepted, both online and in physical stores. Be mindful that certain places like gas stations and hotels might require a deposit. Dive into the official Prepaid Card Services Terms and Conditions for detailed information.

Are there reloading limits for MyPCS Cash Cards?

Certainly, there are daily and monthly limits to ensure that spending is always within manageable bounds. Itís a safeguard, particularly essential for younger users, making certain that expenses are kept in check.
Every transaction is not just a step towards your desired purchase but also a stride towards responsible financial behaviour. Enjoy spending with peace of mind!

Can I pay with cryptocurrencies for my Voucher for PCS Mastercard France Prepaid Cards?

Absolutely! At doctorSIM, we're all about giving you options. Apart from cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, you can also use PayPal, credit/debit cards, or even your doctorSIM credit to make your purchase, although don't forget that not all of these payment methods are avalaible on all locations and you can check about yours when proceeding to payment.
Flexibility and security in transactions are paramount for us, ensuring you have a smooth and secure purchasing experience every time.