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Cellular Rate Comparison

Find your ideal Cellular rate, book online and start saving

Cellular Rates Comparison

Find your Cellular rate in a few minutes and get ready to save!

Save on your phone
doctorSIM's phone plan comparison tool makes it easy for you. You only have to drag the minute and megabit sliders to compare the best phone deals currently available. The cheapest deals will show up at the top. Click on "Sign Up" to see the details of the offer.

Find the total cost of every phone plan
Under "Monthly Fee" you will find the cost breakdown of the plan: monthly fees, minimum use, cost per minute and per megabit. In short, it is what you would be paying to your new provider if you switched plans. If you want to see the pricing details, you can hover your mouse over the "Monthly Fee" price.

Get a new phone plan without leaving your home
To change your phone plan, click on "Sign Up" and follow the instructions on the website. You will be able to access exclusive deals for online customers, as well as saving time and money.

Switch to any network provider you want
It is very easy and you will be able to keep your current phone number. If you want to keep using your old phone, and it is locked, you can unlock it here with doctorSIM's full guarantee.

Save the best deals on cell phone plans
Click on "Save Results" so you can review your selection of phone plans without having to filter again. Also, you can set up your doctorSIM account so we can let you know whenever a plan that could interest you becomes available, if the price is reduced, or the conditions change etc.


How can I get a new phone?
If you need a new phone, click on "Sign Up" to see what phones are offered with the plan selected.

Can I get a free phone?
It depends on the network provider and the plan being offered. Some providers are still subsidising phones; others finance them in monthly installments during the length of the contract or even sell them unlocked.

How do I know if my phone is SIM locked?
You only have to insert a SIM card from a different network provider and try to make a call. If you cannot, you can unlock it here with doctorSIM.

How do I switch network providers online?
Click on "Sign Up", then follow the instructions on the website and enter your personal details. You are done! In a few days, you will receive your new SIM card and phone (if the case). The network provider switch will take place late at night so as not to inconvenience you during the day. But do not worry, your new network provider will inform you of the switch the day before so you are prepared. You will be able to use your new SIM card the next morning.

How many minutes on calls do I use per month?
You can find this information on your phone bill or by multiplying the amount of minutes spent on calls per day by the number of days in the month.

How many megabits do I use per month?
Check your current phone bill or follow these guidelines:
•  If you use the Internet only occasionally: 0-250 MB/month
•  If you are frequently online: 250-500 MB/month
•  If you download pictures, videos, and other files: 500 MB-1GB/month
•  If you use video calls, TV streaming: 1GB – 2GB/month
•  If you are a heavy user: more than 2GB/month

The comparison tool shows no results, why?
Try expanding the parameters by moving the sliders as those selected are too refined.

Do the plans include VAT/sales tax?
You can see the results with or without VAT/sales tax by clicking on the "VAT included" button.
We calculate your monthly costs
In addition to monthly fees and minimum use, we calculate the total cost of your bill based on minutes used on calls and megabits consumed per month.

100% impartial
We are not associated with any network provider; our aim is to help you save money and that you like the comparison tool so much you tell your friends about us.

Use by phone or Internet
Say goodbye to long waits at the shop; now you can change phone plans without leaving your home. Call our freephone number if you have any questions and/or doubts

We want to reward your loyalty
Just by saving your phone plan search, we will give you 1 complimentary credit that you can redeem on unlockings, repairs and other purchases at doctorSIM.

Maximum security and trust
At doctorSIM, takes your security very seriously and you can rest assured your data is safe with us at all times. We use the safest, most widely deployed security protocol SSL and continue to invest heavily in upgrades and improvements

Exceptional customer service
Online support is available 24x7 and our technical team can assist you by phone Monday to Friday between 10:00-22:00 (GMT +2).