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How to unlock your Samsung phone from Rogers

Are you disappointed with the coverage you are getting with your current network and need to find another? Or have you found a great deal on Bell or Telus Mobility and want to start saving money immediately? Either way, before you make the switch from Rogers you are going to need an unlock code. And that's where doctorSIM can help you.

We have outlined the steps required to submit your request below. Once you've done that, we'll send you an e-mail with simple instructions on how to complete the process and permanently unlock your Samsung from Rogers.

  • IMPORTANT! Pop a SIM card into your cell phone from a network different to Rogers to check that it prompts for the unlock code. If it doesn't the phone cannot be unlocked.
  • Press the Unlock your Samsung Rogers button below.
  • Select Rogers under Select your network provider.
  • Read the descriptions in the blue box carefully and then choose the unlocking service applicable to your Samsung phone.
  • Complete the fields requesting the IMEI number of the Samsung phone and the e-mail address where you would like to receive the unlocking instructions.
  • Finally, choose one of our 100% secure payment methods to submit your request.

Why unlock your Samsung from Rogers with doctorSIM?

  • Avoid unnecessary bureaucracy and unlock your Samsung Galaxy yourself.
  • Unlocking by IMEI won’t void your cell phone’s warranty.
  • Receive your unlock code in record time.
  • No technical knowledge is required to unlock your cell phone.
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FAQ Samsung Rogers unlocking

In a perfect world, doctorSIM wouldn't exist. Unfortunately, for Canadian customers networks do not always readily agree to unlock a customer's phone. This could be for any number of reasons. The main one being it is not in their best interests to lose customers. Certain requirements must be met first and even then the network will delay the process for as long as possible.

Customers in a rush or unable to unlock their phone via their network turn to doctorSIM for help. We provide a legitimate unlock code which comes from the manufacturer's database and in a fraction of the time. And for some makes and models, we even charge less than the actual network.

Yes, we will issue you a full refund if we are unable to unlock your Samsung for any reason under our responsibility. However, double check all the information you provide before submitting your request, especially the IMEI number and network carrier.

Unlocking requests are processed automatically incurring a cost to doctorSIM which cannot be reclaimed. We do not offer refunds under these circumstances.

No, you do not need to know the exact model of your Galaxy as the unlock code and simple step-by-step instructions are valid for all Samsung models.

However, if you are planning on selling it in the future our Identify model check will provide you with this information.

No. When a cell phone is locked to one network it has a SIM restriction preventing it from working on any other network. If you place a Bell Mobility SIM card in a Samsung locked to Rogers, for example, it won't be able to read the information on the card. Unlocking a phone removes this restriction so it can read the SIM card of any compatible GSM network in the world.

Once the SIM restriction has been removed it is permanent and the process of IMEI unlocking the phone will neither void the warranty nor damage the hardware or software in any way.

No, because you do not have to specify the original operator to unlock your Samsung device.

However, if you need to know this information for any other reason, for example, before buying a phone second-hand, you can find out with our Samsung carrier phone check.

Unlocking prices vary depending on the phone model and the network carrier to which it is locked. General market fluctuations also impact the pricing.

The exact price for unlocking your cell phone will be displayed in the blue box on the right-hand side of the screen after you select Rogers under Select your network provider.

Yes, no problem. Along with your unlock code and instructions, we will send you a defreeze code to reset the phone's internal unlocking attempts counter.

After you've typed the defreeze code you will once again be prompted for the unlock code.

What other users have to say about doctorSIM

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    "All perfect and fast, very good product, i recommend it." after unlocking a Samsung i8190 Galaxy S3 Mini
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    "Excellent!" after unlocking a Samsung i9100 Galaxy S 2
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    "Excellent service. my galaxy s3 unlocked in half an hour." after unlocking a Samsung i9300 Galaxy S3
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    "Excellent service" after unlocking a Samsung S5830 Galaxy Ace
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    "The service has been very quick and very easy to apply" after unlocking a Samsung i9100 Galaxy S 2
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    "I have unlocked two phones, htc one galasy s 3 s service is excellent, fast and 100% reliable and recommended." after unlocking a Samsung i9300 Galaxy S3
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    "Everything quick and perfect." after unlocking a Samsung i9100 Galaxy S 2
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    "Perfect and very fast." after unlocking a Samsung S5570 Galaxy mini
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    "I have no complaints everything perfect 10" after unlocking a Samsung S5570 Galaxy mini
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    "All very fast and very well explained, perfect. thank you very much" after unlocking a Samsung S5570 Galaxy mini
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    "All ok. extremely fast even on sunday." after unlocking a Samsung i9100 Galaxy S 2
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    "Fast, affordable and easy. an unbeatable service" after unlocking a Samsung S5830 Galaxy Ace
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