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Price and Delivery from:

€ 13.95 EUR6 h, 50 min

Legally unlock your BQ

Use your BQ with any
compatible network carrier in the world

Price and Delivery from: € 13.95 EUR and 6 h, 50 min

    • Unlock your phone fast in three simple steps.
    • Safely unlock your BQ phone online.
    • Valid for all BQ phone models.
    • Unlocking maintains the phone's warranty.
    • Customer service specializing in phone unlocking.

Check to see if your phone is blacklisted before you request an unlock.

Run an IMEI check on your phone


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doctorSIM reviews

11000+ reviews

Great service. Phone locked to network provider and code provided released the lock.

Excelent service it only took 2 hours after I made the payment to get my phone unlocked, the process was very simple.

Great service

How to unlock my BQ phone with doctorSIM?

1. Fill in the request form

Fill in the request form

2. Choose payment method

Choose payment method

3. Receive code by e-mail with instructions on how to unlock your phone

Receive code by e-mail with instructions on how to unlock your phone

Submit your unlocking request by selecting the country and the network provider to which your BQ is locked. In a guaranteed period of time, we'll send you simple step-by-step instructions detailing how to complete the unlocking process.

Turn on your phone and type in the unlock code you received via e-mail. Well done! You can now use your BQ phone on any compatible GSM carrier in the world.

How to unlock an BQ

FAQ BQ unlocking

Is BQ unlocking illegal? 

Unlocking a phone is not illegal. Consumers have the right to unlock their phone and use it on the network or networks of their choice simply by switching the SIM card. Furthermore, unlocking neither voids the warranty of the phone nor damages it in any way.

What is the price of an unlock code for my BQ phone? 

Permanently unlocking your BQ with doctorSIM is very inexpensive. The price for your model will appear on the screen when you select the country and network carrier to which your phone is locked. We are constantly offering promotions and discounts, so make sure you visit us regularly to get the best price on the market for your unlock code.

Does unlocking a BQ phone take long? 

No, our turnaround times are the fastest in the industry. Once you have selected the carrier network to which your phone model is locked, the Guaranteed Delivery Time will be displayed.

Will my unlocked BQ work on any network in the world? 

Yes, it will. Once unlocked by doctorSIM you'll be able to use your BQ phone on any GSM network in the world as long as it has not been blacklisted due to loss, theft or unpaid bill.

What happens if my BQ's software has been modified? 

We guarantee our method of unlocking BQ phones will work with all original software and future updates. Unfortunately, we cannot take responsibility if the phone has been modified. You will need to restore the phone to factory settings and assume the risks of having possibly altered key components of the phone's software required to successfully unlock it.

Is there any possibility of my BQ relocking if I update the software? 

No. Unlocking your phone via IMEI with doctorSIM is permanent! You can restore your phone to factory settings and download all official software updates without worrying that your BQ may lock again.

How do I know if I can trust doctorSIM? 

doctorSIM has been dedicated to the telecommunications industry for over 10 years and in that time we have processed over 5 million devices. Our customer support agents are fully trained to answer any questions you may have on how to unlock any phone from any network in the world. 

We have also invested heavily in quality controls and certificates guaranteeing any personal information you provide is secure at all times.

Unlock your BQ smartphone to use it on any network and say goodbye to roaming surcharges while on vacation or business in another country!