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Broadband Rate Comparison

Find your ideal Broadband rate, book online and start saving

Broadband Rates Comparison

Find your Broadband rate in a few minutes and get ready to save!

Learn how to save at home with combined Broadband and Fiber Optic rates
The doctorSIM Broadband and Fiber Optic Combined Rate Comparator makes it easy for you to know which one will save you the most. Use and choose the different filters available in Internet speed, mobile, landline or television and compare the combined rates available for Broadband and Fiber Optic. Sort them according to the different criteria and click on “Sign up” to be able to choose the offer that interests you the most.

Get the monthly expense of each combined Broadband and Fiber Optic tariff
In “Your Expense” you will find out what your monthly consumption would be by adding all the costs of the fare according to the filters you have selected. So you'll know what you'll pay when you switch to your new combined Broadband or Fiber Optic rate. You will be able to see each of the costs broken down by hovering over “Your Expense”.

Get an Broadband or Fiber Optic rate for your family without leaving your home
Click on “Buy” if you want to access your new rate, follow the instructions and access exclusive offers and promotions. You'll save money, time and patience. Go ahead!

Portability to the Broadband or Fiber Optic company of your choice
It's so simple and easy that you'll be able to keep your current landline number. And if you need it, you can keep using your mobile phone thanks to the doctorSIM release service, which gives you maximum guarantees.

Save the best rates for Broadband and Fiber Optics
The “Save Results” option allows you to access the best selection of Broadband and Fiber Optic rates for your home without having to choose filters again. But not only that, you can choose to be notified when new rates appear that meet the requirements or needs you set up: price drop, improved conditions, etc.


What is the difference between Broadband and Fiber Optic?
The Broadband has lower real speed and less stability. The connection is via copper and is done by the telephone line. It's cheaper than fiber optics. Fiber Optics has a higher real speed than Broadband. It has more stability and less interference. It is more expensive than Broadband and allows you to use several services at the same time, such as digital television.

Does my Broadband or Fiber Optic rate have a free mobile phone?
It depends on the rate and phone company. Some do so through a grant, but they usually sell them financed or through a one-time payment.