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Mobile recharges to Nigeria online

Send top-ups to any phone in Nigeria easily and transparently

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'I love doctorSIM! It's trustworthy, really easy & quick. I recharge my own number and all the prepaid phones I want in seconds.'

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MTN Nigeria Bonus Offer

Unlock the power of more with the MTN Nigeria Bonus Offer!

Get up to 500% bonus airtime and enjoy extra perks when you recharge:

Recharge NGN 1 - NGN 99:

Recharge Value + 350% Bonus Airtime in Awuf4u account (Other Channels) / Recharge value + 350% bonus airtime + 200% data bonus in MoMo account. Bonus validity for 3 days.

Recharge NGN 100 - NGN 499:

Recharge Value + 500% Bonus Airtime in Awuf4u account (Other Channels) / Recharge value + 500% bonus airtime + 200% data bonus in MoMo account. Bonus validity for 7 days.

Recharge NGN 500 - NGN 999:

Recharge Value + 500% Bonus Airtime in Awuf4u account (Other Channels) / Recharge value + 500% bonus airtime + 200% data bonus in MoMo account. Bonus validity for 14 days.

Recharge NGN 1,000 & above:

Recharge Value + 500% Bonus Airtime in Awuf4u account (Other Channels) / Recharge value + 500% bonus airtime + 200% data bonus in MoMo account. Bonus validity for 30 days.

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How to top up a phone in Nigeria in 3 simple steps

Receive your recharge in the blink of an eye and with zero hidden fees!

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Frequently asked questions about online top-ups to Nigeria

How do I recharge balance on an MTN Nigeria phone?

Recharging an MTN Nigeria phone with doctorSIM is quick and efficient!

Simply input the MTN Nigeria number, ensure the carrier is MTN. Once you've done that, decide the amount you wish to transfer.

Whether you're looking to refill your own balance, send a surprise credit to a friend in bustling Abuja, or ensure a family member in scenic Port Harcourt stays connected, doctorSIM is here for you.

We guarantee that your top-up will be delivered swiftly, with a user-friendly interface that makes the whole process a breeze.

Can I top up a mobile in Nigeria online from abroad?

Absolutely! With doctorSIM, sending airtime or data to Nigeria is instantaneous, regardless of where you are.

Our system is designed to work round-the-clock, ensuring that no matter where you're located – be it the USA, the UK, the European Union, Canada, South Africa or elsewhere – your top-up reaches its Nigerian destination promptly.

While you can send top-ups without creating an account, registering with us will give you access to exclusive offers and faster transactions.

Which payment methods can I use for Nigerian top-ups?

At doctorSIM, we offer numerous secure payment options.

Whether you're comfortable using your credit/debit card, prefer the ease of PayPal, or are accustomed to digital payment solutions like Google Pay and Apple Pay, we've got you covered.

But that's not all; our platform continually updates to incorporate emerging payment methods, ensuring we cater to everyone. We fiercely prioritize the security of your personal data, partnering with leading security solutions to keep your details safe.

Discover our comprehensive list of secure payment methods and find out how doctorSIM makes sending balance to Nigeria both simple and affordable.

How do I check my Airtel Nigeria airtime and data balance?

Checking your Airtel Nigeria balance is extremely straightforward. All you need to do is dial *310# and press the call button. Within moments, you'll receive an SMS detailing your current balance.

If you find that you're running low on airtime or data, don't fret! doctorSIM stands ready to assist.

With our easy-to-use platform, you can swiftly top up any Airtel Nigeria phone and get back to enjoying seamless connectivity.

Our goal is to ensure you're always connected, without the stress of physical store visits or lengthy processes.

Is online top-up safe with doctorSIM?

Absolutely, and we can't emphasize this enough!

Since 2007 doctorSIM has firmly established itself as a trusted name in mobile services, not just for the quality of our service, but also for the unmatched security we provide.

We have a dedicated team that continually monitors and upgrades our security protocols to protect your personal and transactional data.

With advanced encryption and security measures in place, we ensure every transaction is swift, hassle-free, and, above all, safe. So, when you use doctorSIM, rest assured you're in the safest of hands.

Can I send data bundles with doctorSIM?

Of course! We recognize the importance of data in today's connected world.

With Nigeria's leading carriers like MTN and Airtel providing robust data services, doctorSIM ensures you can effortlessly send both airtime and data packs.

Whether it's for a friend who loves streaming or a relative working from home, sending data bundles is just as easy as sending airtime.

Navigate through our platform, choose the desired Airtel data pack, MTN bundle, 9Mobile plan or Glo data package, and ensure your loved ones always stay online.