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Send recharges to Peru online

Top up your balance and buy prepaid bundles to Peru anytime and with no hidden costs

    • Recharge Bitel, Claro, Entel and Movistar mobile phones
    • Send balance and data plans easily and securely
    • Connect with your loved ones wherever they are
Buy a recharge to your family and friends in Peru and make their day!

Online mobile recharge from your own device instantly

Recargas que siempre llegan

Patrick Martin

Added money using my credit card to a Bitel prepaid SIM card through doctorSIM. Everyone said only Bitel and local banks could recharge prepaid, but now I know that's not true! Transaction was instant, and my girlfriend received the money on the SIM. Will always use now!

How to recharge Peru prepaid phones in a few taps

Send balance to friends and family in Peru. Select the amount or data plan to recharge. No hidden fees! The top-up will go through immediately!

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Frequently asked questions about top-ups to Peru

Which Peruvian mobile networks can I recharge?

At doctorSIM you can recharge prepaid phones from the following carriers in Peru: Bitel, Claro, Entel and Movistar.

You only need to enter the number you want to buy balance or data plans top-ups for. Remember to confirm the carrier or change it if our guess is not right.

Our top-ups are 100% online, so they will go through to any phone you want from wherever you are within seconds

Can I recharge Claro Peru prepaid data plans?

Yes! In addition to buying or giving away credit balance, Claro's prepaid bundles with data to surf the Internet are also available at doctorSIM.

There are several options depending on the amount of data and the days of validity that suit you best.

Checking your social networks, texting with instant messaging, watching videos or listening to your playlists will be very easy and fast because you will be able to recharge Claro plans from your own device in a few taps

How do I find out my balance on a Bitel phone?

You only have to choose among the following options to check the balance of a Bitel prepaid phone:

· If you want to check the balance of the basic account call *121#.

· If you want to check the balance of the promotional account call *122#.

· Call *9090# and dial option 7 – 1

How do I transfer balance from an Entel Peru phone to another?

In order to make sure you won't run out of credit, you can transfer balance among Entel Peru prepaid phones. You just need to follow these steps:

- Dial *144# and you will find the option Balance transfer within Other services.

- Enter the number to transfer balance to and the amount.

- You will receive a confirmation SMS after accepting. The recipient number will also receive another confirmation message.

The balance is valid for 30 days. Note that this service applies only to prepaid users (both the one transferring and the one receiving the balance), and that the user will be charged the balance transferred plus a commission for the network carrier (S/0.10 currently).

Nevertheless if you prefer not to run out of balance or you cannot request it now, top up your Entel Peru phone online and you'll be able to continue using your phone in a few seconds

How do I top up to Peru from abroad?

Our recharges are 100% online. So you can top up mobile phones in Peru -or in any other country- no matter where you are, even overseas, and whenever you decide. And it doesn't matter if you live in the United States, Argentina, Spain, Chile, Italy, Japan... because the recharge will go through in the blink of an eye.

You will not need to go to supermarkets, pharmacies or banks to top up a phone or wait until they are open, because at doctorSIM you will be able to send your top-ups from your own device 24/7.

Sending balance for your mother in Lima, your brother in Arequipa, your friends in Trujillo or your daughter who is visiting Cusco is so easy and convenient, because you can do it safely at home, while you're commuting, etc

Is PayPal supported to pay for top-ups to Peru?

Of course! We have several payment methods to online recharge to Peru, all of them are 100% secure!

In addition to your PayPal account, you can pay with credit or debit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Bancontact, etc.

Remember that you will get a 10% discount paying with digital currencies