Find out to which network a phone is locked

Recommended prior to unlocking a phone or purchasing one second-hand.

  • Type *#06# on the phone for the IMEI number.
  • Enter the IMEI/ESN in the appropriate field below.
  • Receive your original operator report by e-mail

Select your make

Find out what carrier your phone belongs to:

  • Essential to unlock some phones.
  • Vital whether you are selling or buying a used phone.
  • The report may include more information like exact model, warranty, blacklist status...
  • Data sourcing from official manufacturer's database.
  • Helpful for reading up on any used smartphone you want to buy.
  • Valid for Samsung, iPhone, LG, HTC, Nokia, Sony... phones
  • Fast, safe, and completely anonymous.
WARNING! This service checks the original carrier of a phone. If you want to unlock it, request your phone unlocking.
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