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Why refill any phone online with doctorSIM?

  • We are up to 50% less expensive than using a bank or other provider and you can lower the price even further by using your doctorSIM credits.
  • With our policy of total transparency, youíll know exactly how much it costs you and exactly how much airtime is received at the other end.
  • By displaying our low fees up front and using exchange rates in real-time, there are no hidden costs and no nasty surprises.
  • Refill your phone at a discount by redeeming credits earned purchasing other doctorSIM services such as phone checks and unlock codes.
  • Conveniently top up any phone in the world using WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.
  • Our broad selection of secure payment methods provides flexibility and peace of mind.

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FAQ top up online

How can I top up or recharge my mobile phone with doctorSIM?

To process your request with doctorSIM, all you need to do is indicate the number of the phone and the amount of money you want to recharge.

Recharging your phone has never been easier and can be done whenever you like and even from the comfort of your home. Our fast, safe and reliable service also allows you to send money to a friend or family member.

Why is this service better than other similar services?

doctorSIM is an established player in the telecommunications sector with over 10 years of experience providing a range of savings solutions for the mobile phone industry.

We process hundreds of transactions a day worldwide, switching effortlessly from currency to currency. We understand the importance of providing reliable and highly secure payments to any country in the world.

Our fully transparent approach to mobile phone recharging means that BEFORE you pay, you will be told the amount you will be sending, how much the phone will be recharged and any commissions applied to the transaction.

Can I use my doctorSIM credits to recharge my mobile phone?

Of course! In fact, being able to use your doctorSIM credits to recharge your mobile phone is one of the main advantages for using doctorSIM. Our doctorSIM credits have never been in such high demand and you can now use them on all future requests to top up your phone (maximum one credit per top up).

Please note that 1 credit = 1 euro or the equivalent amount in your local currency. To check how many credits you have, access My Account in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

You can earn more credits by unlocking phones with doctorSIM. We will give you 1 credit for each phone you unlock with us.

Do you run any promotions for free phone refills?

Stay tuned to this page, read our blog and make sure you are subscribed to at least one of our social media networks to make sure you donít miss any of our promotions.

In addition to using your doctorSIM credits to recharge your mobile phone, we give discounts and offer specials deals to fully maximise the benefits of topping up with doctorSIM.

Can I recharge a phone that is not mine?

Yes, all you need to know is the number of the phone you want to recharge. Thatís it! No other additional information is required on the other party. Their phone will be topped up instantly via secure payment.

I have a fixed-term contract. How can I benefit from this service?

You can also use our top up phone service if you have a fixed-term contract. This service is useful for repaying a loan from a friend or family member, or for sending money anywhere in the world quickly and securely.

Also, more and more companies are using phone recharging as a payment method for their products and services. Give it a try!

Do I need to install an app on my phone?

It is not necessary to install an app on your phone as the entire process can be done on the doctorSIM website. However, if you are looking for convenience, you can download the doctorSIM App for free.

How long does it take to recharge a mobile phone?

Recharging a phone with doctorSIM is almost instantaneous. It takes less time than it takes to process the actual request! In approximately 30 seconds, the money will have arrived at its destination.