Unlock your phone for free and with full guarantees

doctorSIM will explain how to unlock your phone for free and in a safe way.

  • Unlock via IMEI, recommended by the phone manufacturers.
  • Avoid stores that unlock phones using cable.
  • Free unlock codes can damage your phone.
  • Only trust professional unlock services providing full guarantees.

Use our coupons!

These discounts on unlock codes and other doctorSIM services are provided by doctorSIM and some our partners.

With your new network provider and doctorSIM

If you are thinking of switching to another network, these network providers will help you unlock your phone with doctorSIM for free or with a significant discount. You will be given a coupon code by your new network to unlock your phone with doctorSIM for FREE when you start the porting process.

With your original network provider

If you are patient, know how to configure phones and meet all of the many requirements of your original provider, you can call them and request an unlock code.

Not all network providers issue codes for free, and in some cases you will have to pay for it, nor will they provide any type of support and they definitely won't help you set the phone up on the new network.

However, if none of these options apply to you, we recommend unlocking your phone with doctorSIM.

You won't regret it!

Different Unlock Methods Compared

Free/Cable Network Provider doctorSIM
(Up to a 45% discount)
  Unlock with doctorSIM
No    Sometimes    Yes
The unlocking is free or significantly discounted
The phone can be unlocked by IMEI
The warranty of the phone remains intact
My phone data is safe
Recommended by the phone manufacturers
There is no chance of damaging the phone
Unlock code valid even if phone is under contract?
Works if I switch network provider?
Includes simple instructions
Post-sales support available
Unlock code delivered in record time
Unlock guaranteed

Advice on how to unlock your phone safely

If you prefer to keep looking for free options, at least follow these recommendations:

  • If you unlock your phone online, make sure the website has a contact number for support.
  • Look for safety certificates demonstrating they care about your security and protection.
  • Do they have an About us section or do they hide behind internet anonymity?
  • Via IMEI is the easiest and most reliable way to unlock a phone: the warranty will remain intact.
  • Beware of amateur video tutorials, they may be fake and you risk damaging your phone.
  • Do not trust websites or stores giving away free unlock codes for no reason or for ridiculously low prices. They usually don't work and can even damage your phone.
I prefer to unlock my phone with doctorSIM

Phone unlocking FAQ

- So you can switch to another network provider.
- Save money by taking advantage of a better deal or more suitable phone plan.
- To be able to use your phone abroad.
- An unlocked phone has a greater resale value.
There are a number of ways to unlock a phone. The recommended method is to unlock your phone by IMEI, because it is quick, easy and safe, and doesn't void the warranty.
This method costs less than you think, even free in some cases, using discount coupons or credits which you can obtain very easily.
Also, with doctorSIM you have all the benefits of a professional unlock service with full guarantees.
Phones are unlocked using a unique code specific to that phone's IMEI number. This method neither voids the warranty nor damages the phone, regardless of the make or model: iPhone, Samsung, LG, HTC, Nokia, Sony, Huawei, Alcatel...
Just make sure the phone hasn't been blacklisted by the network provider due to theft, loss or unpaid bill or have no unlock attempts remaining.
Some stores and websites offer to unlock your phone for free, but in most cases these codes are obsolete and do not come from the phone manufacturer or network providers. These free unlock codes of dubious origin put your phone at risk and can even damage it irreparably.
Because it is the safest and most reliable way to unlock your phone, and not void the warranty. You will receive your unlock code in record time, within minutes in some cases, and your phone will be unlocked permanently. In addition, if your unlock code is unavailable we'll issue you a full refund.
If you have any more questions on how to unlock your phone for free or very cheaply, click here