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Recharge to Cuba online

Send top-ups to your family and friends in Cuba to be closer to them

    • Best offers and promotions from Cubacel and Nauta
    • Full warranty and with no hidden costs
    • Fast, secure and from wherever you prefer
Send phone balance to Cuba and make your loved ones happy

Top up Cubacel phones or Nauta accounts online

Our top-ups always go through

Karen Gronow

'Excellent service! I sent a recharge and it went through immediately; in addition I received the invoice in my inbox. 100% recommended, efficient and very safe!'

Recharging to Cuba online is very easy and reliable

Top up to Cuba from United States, Mexico or wherever you are. You can choose the currency, you will always know how much the phone will receive. Keep closer to your loved ones in seconds!

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top-ups to Cuba

How long does it take for the recharge to get to Cuba?

It only takes a moment! To send balance to Cuba, select the secure payment method and currency you prefer.

The recharge will be immediately received on the Cubacel phone once the payment is credited.

Make sure you double-check all the information provided before making the payment.

If there are any errors in the phone number or in the selected network carrier, the amount will not be received

Are Cubacel promotions available?

Of course! You can always take advantage of any promotions available for Cubacel top-ups.

We recommend following doctorSIM on social media and subscribe to receive notifications if you want to be the first to know about our promos.

In addition to our promos, you can get many more perks if you become a member of the doctorSIM family/community! Sign up now and we'll give you a free credit that you can redeem when purchasing any of our services, including top ups.

Remember that in order to redeem your credits you must be logged in here before making your order

Is it safe to send a recharge to Cuba with doctorSIM?

It's totally safe! We have over 15 years of experience and we are a reference in all kinds of services related to mobile phones.

You will always know how much you will pay and how much the phone will receive, because our service is 100% honest and has no hidden charges or costs.

Your top-up to a Cubacel phone or Nauta account will go through as soon as the payment is confirmed, so you can enjoy it immediately.

You can also contact us in case you have any doubts. We're here to help

Are there any limitations when sending recharges to Cuba?

You can send a recharge online without waiting from wherever you are in US, Mexico, Spain, or anywhere else in the world.

You can pay in dollars or in the currency of your choice. Remember that we offer several fully secure payment methods so that your top-up is sent and received with full guarantee: PayPal, credit or debit card, Apple Pay... and even cryptocurrencies!

We always comply with the highest security standards

How to check that the recharge got to Cuba?

The main balance status can be checked by dialing *222# on the Cubacel recipient phone.

If you also need to view the bonus status, dial *222*266# or *222*BON# and the current bonus balance will be displayed.

Both queries are free of charge