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Active Promotions

Send Free GB + Minutes + Balance with your Top Up to Cuba!

- For every top-up between CUP700 and CUP1250, you will get 5GB + 60 minutes + CUP1000 for free!

- For every top-up between CUP500 and CUP699.99, you will get 5GB + 60 minutes for free!

- 1000 CUP will remain in your main balance, in addition to the amount received in the top up.

- This promo is not valid for top-ups below CUP500

- This promo is available until Saturday May 28th 2022 at 23:59 h (Local time in Cuba)

- The Bonuses of this recharge will be activated at the moment the client receives the recharge.

- Promotional bonuses are valid for 30 days, counted from the receipt of the recharge. The main balance does maintain the established period of validity (330 days).

- The vouchers cannot be transferred to another cell line, it is only for the consumption of the line that was recharged. Only the main balance can be transferred.

- Customers who have current BONUSES of Data and Minutes from previous promotions and acquire this new offer, they will be accumulated with the bonus corresponding to this promotion and the expiration date will be 30 days from the receipt of the recharge.

- Customers who have combined plans (national and international), Voice plans and LTE packages and acquire this new offer, the expiration date will be extended to 30 days, counted from receipt of the recharge, with expiration time 23:59 Cuban hours.

- Customers who have SMS plans or Combos do not have the validity date extended.

- As soon as the promotional recharge is valid, this offer automatically establishes a priority in the discount and will always be discounted:

- Daily Bag (if you have one)

- Mail bag (if any)

- Data Bonus (.cu)

- Data Bonus (LTE)

- Data Bonus (International)

- Balance Bonus (according to current rate)

- LTE data packets

- Combined active data plans all networks

- Principal Balance (according to current rate)

- If after having extended the validity of the plans, the client decides to buy another plan, in this case, the one with the lowest effective date will be discounted first.

- A customer can make multiple recharges, as long as it does not exceed the maximum amount set for your main account and for bonuses.

- As long as this condition is fulfilled, you will be able to recharge and receive the sum of the main balance and the bonds associated with it. If you exceed these figures, you will not be able to continue recharging.

- A customer can receive several recharges in the promotional period, this causes him to be increase both the principal balance and the bonus amount. For the culmination of the bonus, the last of these recharges will be taken as reference and 30 days will be counted for its validity, counted from the receipt of the last recharge.

- After a top up has been made during the promotion, the user receives notification of the status of your main balance and activated bonuses:

- The client will receive a time threshold SMS when there are a few days left for the deadline to be fulfilled, bond expiration date.

- The consultation of bonuses is done through *222*266# or what is the same *222*BON# and the main balance continues to be *222#. Both inquiries are free cost to the customer.
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Cubacel Cuba Top Up FAQs

How can I top up or recharge my phone from Cubacel Cuba?

Topping up or sending money to any prepaid phone from Cubacel Cuba has never been easier. All you need to do is type the phone's number and check that the country and network provider are correct. If not, click on Change network provider and select the correct one in the drop-down menu.

Then indicate the amount of money you want to recharge and process the request by completing your payment details. Topping up online with doctorSIM is completely transparent and to avoid any nasty surprises during the process you will be told the amount you will be sending, how much the phone will be recharged and, if applicable, any commissions applied.

The phone will be recharged in seconds and you will also receive confirmation by e-mail.

Which phones can I recharge?

You can recharge any make or model of phone on the market. Simply type the phone's number and follow the steps outlined above to top up the phone.

You can also use this service to send money to a phone from Cubacel Cuba or any other network provider in the world quick and easy.

How do I pay to top up my phone from Cubacel Cuba?

By using one of our secure payment methods which include credit and/or debit card, PayPal, Apple Pay, Cryptocurrency, Visa, MasterCard and American Express and many others depending on the country where you are recharging from.

In most cases, you can pay in your local currency as doctorSIM works with multiple currencies to ensure the process is as quick and easy as possible.

Do you run any promotions for recharging phones from Cubacel Cuba?

Yes, we do! Current deals and special offers for Cubacel Cuba will be displayed at all times so you can take full advantage of topping up with doctorSIM.

Also, subscribe to our social media networks and keep a close eye on our website as available promotions will be updated regularly.

Furthermore, you can use your doctorSIM credits to recharge your phone. So the more you use our services the more you'll gain.

How long does it take to top up a phone?

Recharging is instant. Select your preferred secure payment method and top up your phone online. Once payment has been received, your phone from Cubacel Cuba will be topped up immediately.