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Price and Delivery from:

€ 13.95 EUR1 h, 50 min

SIM unlock your HP online

Unlocking services valid for
all network locked cell phones

Price and Delivery from: € 13.95 EUR and 1 h, 50 min

    • Eliminate roaming fees by using local networks.
    • Switch to a carrier offering better rates.
    • Save and increase the value of your phone.
    • 100% legal and permanent.
    • Maintain the warranty of your HP.

Check to see if your phone is blacklisted before you request an unlock.

Run an IMEI check on your phone


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doctorSIM reviews

16000+ reviews

Great service. Phone locked to network provider and code provided released the lock.

Excelent service it only took 2 hours after I made the payment to get my phone unlocked, the process was very simple.

Great service

How to unlock my HP phone with doctorSIM?

1. Fill in the request form

Fill in the request form

2. Choose payment method

Choose payment method

3. Receive code by e-mail with instructions on how to unlock your phone

Receive code by e-mail with instructions on how to unlock your phone

Order your unlock code from doctorSIM online in 3 simple steps. Then follow the simple instructions we'll send to your e-mail to insert the unlock code and release your HP from its current network.

How to unlock an HP

FAQ HP unlocking

What information do I need to unlock my HP phone? 

To unlock your HP cell phone by IMEI, all we require from you is the following information:
· The network carrier your HP is currently locked to.
· IMEI number: 15-17 digit number.
· A valid e-mail address.

What is an IMEI number? 

The International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) is a unique 15-17 digit number given to every cell phone which can then be used to check information such as the phone's country of origin, the manufacturer and its model number.

How do I obtain my IMEI number? 

To obtain your IMEI number dial *#06# on your HP's keypad. Your 15-17 digit number will appear on the screen. 

Only use this method for obtaining your IMEI number and not, for example, from the instructions on the box the cell phone came in or some other source as the numbers may not coincide.

I want to unlock my HP from AT&T so I can use it on T-Mobile. When submitting my unlocking request should I select AT&T or T-Mobile? 

You must select the network from which you purchased the cell phone or to which it is currently locked (in this case, AT&T). Do not select the carrier you are switching to (T-Mobile). As the unlocking process is fully automated, we can only offer a ten-minute window for modifying or canceling requests. After this grace period, the request is processed and it won't be possible to receive a refund.

I am going on a business trip to Canada. Will my unlocked HP device work on a Canadian carrier? 

Yes, an unlocked cell phone can be used on any compatible GSM carrier in the world. You have nothing to worry about while in Canada as all Canadian networks use GSM technology. All you need to do is buy a SIM card locally and switch it with your current one.

What are the advantages of unlocking an HP phone with doctorSIM over a local store? 

The professional IMEI-based unlocking method used by doctorSIM is the official and recommended method by HP and the network carriers themselves. It is totally legal, permanent and doesn't void the cell phone's warranty. In addition, as the entire unlocking process is online, you do not have to leave your HP at the store for a number of days while it is being unlocked.

My HP phone has been blacklisted by the original carrier. Can I still unlock it? 

Yes, you can network unlock a blacklisted HP, however, unlocking a cell phone will not remove it from the blacklist. Reporting a cell phone is an additional security measure used by the original carrier when an HP has been blacklisted due to loss, theft or outstanding bills. You will need to contact the original network for assistance. 

When a cell phone has been blacklisted, you will not be able to use it to make or receive calls but you will be able to connect to the Internet and send and receive text messages. Your HP may work in another country, however, doctorSIM will not be held liable if not the case.

Order your unlock code from doctorSIM online in 3 simple steps. Then insert the unlock code to release your HP .