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Price and Delivery from:

€ 14.95 EUR1 d

Unlock your Sharp by IMEI

Safely unlock your Sharp cell phone online

Price and Delivery from: € 14.95 EUR and 1 d

    • Unlock your Sharp phone yourself.
    • doctorSIM's unlocking services are 100% legal.
    • The phone's warranty will remain intact.
    • Permanently unlock any Sharp model.
    • Our network unlock codes are valid abroad.

Check to see if your phone is blacklisted before you request an unlock.

Run an IMEI check on your phone


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How to unlock my Sharp phone with doctorSIM?

1. Fill in the request form

Fill in the request form

2. Choose payment method

Choose payment method

3. Receive code by e-mail with instructions on how to unlock your phone

Receive code by e-mail with instructions on how to unlock your phone

Unlock your Sharp phone via IMEI in three simple steps:

1. Submit your unlocking request from the comfort of your home.

2. We'll send you an unlock code along with simple instructions on how to complete the unlocking via e-mail.

3. Insert a SIM card from a non-compatible network provider and type in the unlock code.

Your Sharp phone is now permanently unlocked!

How to unlock an Sharp

FAQ Sharp unlocking

What are the benefits of having an unlocked Sharp cell phone? 

The main advantage is the convenience of using it on any compatible GSM network in the world. You can also switch networks whenever you like to benefit from better rates or current promotions, as well as avoid roaming fees when you travel overseas. An unlocked Sharp cell phone also has a higher resale value.

Are your unlocking services legal? 

Unlocking cell phones by IMEI is 100% legal. In fact, this method is the only official and recommended method by Sharp and the network providers themselves as it won't damage the phone or void its warranty.

Do your unlocking services permanently unlock a Sharp phone? What happens if the phone prompts for the unlock code again at a later date?

doctorSIM's unlocking method via IMEI is permanent. The phone will never relock even if you restore your Sharp phone to factory settings. In the exceptional case the phone prompts for the unlock code again, simply retype it as the code never expires.

Will an unlocked Sharp work on any network in the world?

Once the cell phone has been unlocked by doctorSIM you'll be able to use your Sharp on any compatible GSM network in the world as long as it has not been blacklisted by the original carrier.

What happens if you cannot unlock my Sharp cell phone? 

If we cannot unlock your phone, and all the details you provided were correct, we will issue you a full refund. Just make sure the information you send us is correct because the unlocking process is fully automated and the unlock code delivered to you will be based on that information.

What does blacklisted mean?

Placing a cell phone on the blacklist is an additional security measure by the carrier preventing the phone from working properly. If you are unsure if your phone has been blacklisted, find out instantly with our blacklist Sharp phone check.

Can I unlock my Sharp if it has been reported or on the blacklist?

If your Sharp has been reported stolen, lost or due to unpaid bills, you should contact the original network to have it removed. You can still unlock your phone with doctorSIM, but it will not work properly until it has been whitelisted.

Submit your request from the comfort of your home and then complete the unlocking process by inserting an unlock code!