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Unlock Verykool phone by IMEI

Unlock Verykool
  • 100% legal, maintain the Verykool's warranty.
  • Unlock your Verykool phone with top unlocking company.
  • Permanent unlocking service and valid for all models.
  • For the lowest price and in the fastest time.

How to unlock my Verykool phone with doctorSIM?

Fill in the request form Choose payment method Receive code by e-mail with instructions on how to unlock your phone

Unlocking your Verykool cell phone with doctorSIM is child's play. No technical knowledge is required. Request your unlock code online, receive your code and easy-to-follow instructions by e-mail, and then type the code into your phone to finalize the process. It couldn't be easier!

FAQ Verykool unlocking

Convenience and full guarantees! Our method of unlocking via IMEI is the method recommended by Verykool, other phone manufacturers and the network carriers themselves. 

With doctorSIM, you will save time, money, and effort, because the entire process is carried out online meaning you don't have to send your phone anywhere. 
Unlocking your Verykool device with doctorSIM can be very economical, as you can see by selecting the country and the carrier to which the phone is locked. 
When you insert a SIM card from a network provider different to the one your cell phone is locked to, you will be prompted for the unlock code sent to you by doctorSIM. Follow the instructions received carefully to insert the code and complete the unlocking process. 
Yes, Verykool devices have unlimited unlocking attempts which means you don't have to worry about being unable to unlock the phone if you make a mistake typing in the unlock code. 
At doctorSIM, we 100% guarantee our service will not adversely affect your device in any way. Avoid taking the risk of damaging your phone using free services or trusting websites that do not offer full guarantees. 
The unlocking is permanent. You will never have to request another unlock code for your Verykool ever again. Once unlocked, your Verykool phone will be unlocked forever! 
You have nothing to worry about! Continue downloading the official Verykool software updates as normal. The unlocking provided by doctorSIM will not be affected by these updates. 
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Why unlock a Verykool at doctorSIM

  • A no-questions-asked refund policy.
  • Legally unlock your Verykool from home, the office...
  • Our unlock codes are permanent.
  • Pay safely with your credit/debit card, PayPal, Apple Pay, cryptocurrencies...
  • Reliable and PCI DSS compliant.
  • Quality controls and certificates for your online security.
  • IMEI-based unlocking services keep the cell phone's warranty.
  • First-class customer support available by telephone, chat, and e-mail.
  • Fully guaranteed.
  • The fastest delivery times on the Internet.

What our worldwide customers are saying about us

  • R.S. says: 5/5*****
    "Totally satisfactory and efficient service" after unlocking a Verykool Maverick pro SL5560
  • M.G. says: 5/5*****
    "All perfect and fast, very good product, i recommend it." after unlocking a Verykool Phantom SL5050
  • J.M. says: 5/5*****
    "All right and fast. thank you very much" after unlocking a Verykool Cyprus LTE SL6010
  • F.M. says: 5/5*****
    "Everything went perfect without the slightest problem. congratulations for your work, is good, fast and very well priced" after unlocking a Verykool Alpha Pro s5527
  • M.I. says: 5/5*****
    "Excellent!" after unlocking a Verykool Spear Jr s5034
  • T.W. says: 5/5*****
    "Excellent service" after unlocking a Verykool Spear s5035
  • J.E. says: 5/5*****
    "The service has been very quick and very easy to apply" after unlocking a Verykool Alpha s5526
  • M.R. says: 5/5*****
    "Everything quick and perfect." after unlocking a Verykool Bolt Pro s5027
  • F.C. says: 5/5*****
    "Perfect and very fast." after unlocking a Verykool Maverick LTE SL5550
  • F.G. says: 5/5*****
    "I have no complaints everything perfect 10" after unlocking a Verykool Eclipse SL5200
  • D.U. says: 5/5*****
    "All very fast and very well explained, perfect. thank you very much" after unlocking a Verykool Spark LTE SL5011
  • C.G. says: 5/5*****
    "All ok. extremely fast even on sunday." after unlocking a Verykool Jet II SL5008
  • M.D. says: 5/5*****
    "Fast, affordable and easy. an unbeatable service" after unlocking a Verykool Cyprus Jr s6004
  • J.M. says: 5/5*****
    "It works almost immediately, no gimmicks." after unlocking a Verykool Cyprus II s6005
  • A.B. says: 5/5*****
    "Very fast and very cheap" after unlocking a Verykool Helix II s5030
  • M.H. says: 5/5*****
    "Excellent service, if i had used it long before my people have recommended. safe, fast and efficient. in a few hours (1-2 hours) you can have your phone delivered read..." after unlocking a Verykool Fusion II SL4502
  • M.B. says: 5/5*****
    "I'm delighted, great price and very good and fast service, would recommend." after unlocking a Verykool Wave s5019
  • M.S. says: 5/5*****
    "Very satisfied" after unlocking a Verykool Leo LTE SL4050
  • B.C. says: 5/5*****
    "Very fast and everything perfect!" after unlocking a Verykool Jet SL5009
  • C.W. says: 5/5*****
    "All quick and easy." after unlocking a Verykool Wave Pro s5021
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