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Network unlock your Xiaomi online

Unlock Xiaomi
  • Unlock your Xiaomi with 3 easy steps, from home
  • Keep the warranty of your Xiaomi intact
  • Permanent and international IMEI unlock
  • Use your Xiaomi with any network, worldwide

How to network unlock your Xiaomi  with doctorSIM

Fill in the request form Choose payment method Receive code by e-mail with instructions on how to unlock your phone

To network unlock your Xiaomi online, you only need the IMEI(by dialing *#06# on the dialpad), the network and country of origin of the device. Fill in the information on the website, and you shall shortly receive the easy unlock instructions by email.

If you have any doubts, as usual, we'll help you, as we've been doing since 2007!

FAQs for Xiaomi unlock

Yes, as it does not matter where you've purchased the phone from. Network unlocking your Xiaomi with doctorSIM will allow you to use it anywhere in the world, without any restriction, as our unlocks are international and permanent.

Check the availability of the unlock service by selecting the original country and carrier.
It is not necessary, as all Xiaomi have been grouped under the same category. Just select the country and carrier of origin of the phone, and the IMEI by dialing *#06#.

If you need to check the exact model of your Xiaomi to sell it, or find out the technical details, you just input the IMEI in our Model search engine, and you get instant and free information.
We can network unlock blacklisted Xiaomi phones, but please remember that this will not remove the phone from the blacklist.

They are different restrictions, and to unblacklist the phone you need to contact the legal owner of the phone. 

Your Xiaomi might not work properly until the phone is removed from the blacklist.

Not sure if your device is clean? You can check it with our Blacklist Check.
The Xiaomi bootloader can be unlocked by downloading the official app that Xiaomi provides, Mi Unlock App. Unlocking the bootloader of your Xiaomi helps you change the phone's recovery, install a custom ROM or ROOT it.

Please don't forget that if you unlock the bootloader, your Xiaomi will be less protected, and doctorSIM nor Xiaomi can be held responsible for any possible damage to your device. 

Furthermore, you'll have to erase all data on the phone, so we recommend you saving all the information prior to this process.
We provide full refund-policy if your Xiaomi can't be network unlocked for any reasons under our responsibility.

Please make sure to select the correct details, and check if the device has any additional restriction, such as a blacklist report, prior to submitting the order. If you need to check whether the phone is blacklisted or not, you can choose our Blacklist Check.
Once you select the country and carrier of origin of the phone, the guaranteed delivery time frame will bi automatically displayed.

We also provide the average delivery time frame, based on previous orders, so that you could get an idea on how long could it take.
Of course! One of the main advantages of unlocking your Xiaomi with doctorSIM is that you don't lose any information stored on the device during the unlock process.
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Why unlock your Xiaomi with doctorSIM

  • Completely legal.
  • Recommended by all manufacturers and networks, worldwide.
  • Permanent and international.
  • 100% online unlock process.
  • Money-back guarantee if the unlock can't be done.
  • Does not void the phone's warranty.
  • 7 days/week Customer Support at your disposal.
  • Easy steps in short time.
  • Xiaomi unlocks with doctorSIM is rated 4,8 out of 5.

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