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Unlock ZTE phone by IMEI

Unlock ZTE
  • Unlock your ZTE with the global market leader.
  • The unlocking method used by the network carriers.
  • This method keeps the phone's warranty.
  • Over 5 million successful unlockings to date.

How to unlock my ZTE phone with doctorSIM?

Fill in the request form Choose payment method Receive code by e-mail with instructions on how to unlock your phone

Unlocking your ZTE phone with doctorSIM is as simple as 1-2-3. No technical knowledge is required. Request your unlock code online, receive step-by-step instructions with your unlock code by e-mail and then type the code into your cell phone. That's all there is to it!

FAQ ZTE unlocking

It is not necessary to know the exact model of your ZTE to unlock it by IMEI with doctorSIM. Whether your phone is a ZTE Blade, ZTE Skate, ZTE Grand, ZTE Axon or any other model new or old, we can unlock it for you

However, if you need to know the model of a ZTE device for any other reason we recommend using our free ZTE model finder
Yes, select Network Operator Unknown or Not in List because the unlocking instructions you'll receive by e-mail are the same for all. 
Unlike other makes, ZTE phones have unlimited unlocking attempts. However, we recommend you request your unlock code from a trustworthy unlocking company, avoiding free codes, as they may damage your ZTE. At doctorSIM, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee if we cannot unlock your cell phone. 
Convenience and total guarantee! Our method of unlocking is the method recommended by ZTE and the network carriers themselves. With doctorSIM, you'll save time, money and effort because you can request your unlock code from the comfort of your home without having to send your phone anywhere. 
Unlocking your ZTE is permanent. You will never have to request another unlock code for your ZTE. Once unlocked, your phone will be unlocked forever! 
Nothing! Unlocking your phone with doctorSIM maintains the phone's warranty
Feel free to continue downloading the official software updates for your ZTE as normal. The unlocking provided by doctorSIM will not be affected by these updates. 
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Why unlock a ZTE at doctorSIM

  • The recommended method by ZTE and the network carriers themselves.
  • 100% legal.
  • Continue using your phone during the unlocking process.
  • No need to restore, update your software or use cables to unlock your phone.
  • Quality controls and certificates guaranteeing the safety of your personal information.
  • Permanent cell phone unlocking without leaving your home.
  • This method doesn't void your ZTE's warranty.
  • We offer the lowest prices on the Internet.
  • A full guarantee that only the global market leader in unlocking phones can give you.
  • Do you have any questions? Contact our first-class support team.

What our worldwide customers are saying about us

  • R.S. says: 5/5*****
    "Totally satisfactory and efficient service" after unlocking a ZTE Kis
  • M.G. says: 5/5*****
    "All perfect and fast, very good product, i recommend it." after unlocking a Zte x761
  • J.M. says: 5/5*****
    "All right and fast. thank you very much" after unlocking a Zte x760
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    "Everything went perfect without the slightest problem. congratulations for your work, is good, fast and very well priced" after unlocking a ZTE F950
  • M.I. says: 5/5*****
    "Excellent!" after unlocking a Zte F908
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    "Excellent service" after unlocking a Zte F600
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    "The service has been very quick and very easy to apply" after unlocking a ZTE F233
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    "Everything quick and perfect." after unlocking a Zte F230
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    "Perfect and very fast." after unlocking a ZTE F102
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    "I have no complaints everything perfect 10" after unlocking a ZTE F188
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    "All very fast and very well explained, perfect. thank you very much" after unlocking a ZTE F100i
  • C.G. says: 5/5*****
    "All ok. extremely fast even on sunday." after unlocking a ZTE Blade A7S
  • M.D. says: 5/5*****
    "Fast, affordable and easy. an unbeatable service" after unlocking a ZTE Z2335CC
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    "It works almost immediately, no gimmicks." after unlocking a ZTE L8301
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    "Excellent service, if i had used it long before my people have recommended. safe, fast and efficient. in a few hours (1-2 hours) you can have your phone delivered read..." after unlocking a ZTE MF833U1
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    "I'm delighted, great price and very good and fast service, would recommend." after unlocking a ZTE 549
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    "All quick and easy." after unlocking a ZTE Z2335T
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