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Unlock iPhone Xs Max

The safest and most reliable way to unlock your iPhone Xs Max

  • Trust, Safety and Integrity
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  • Guaranteed Unlock or Refund

Price and Delivery from:  € 11.95 EUR and 1 to 2 hs

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Select the original network provider to which your phone is locked

Trust, Safety and Integrity

Trust, Safety and Integrity

Over 16 years providing 7+ Million recharges, unlocks, checks and gifcards to date.

Extremely Happy Customers

Extremely Happy Customers

Over 25,000 happy reviews combined on Google and Trustpilot

Lowest Prices Guaranteed

Lowest Prices Guaranteed

Transparent upfront pricing and best price guaranteed or your money back.

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FAQ iPhone unlocking

How do I unlock my phone?

Unlocking your phone with doctorSIM is as easy as 1-2-3! Select the make and model of your iPhone, fill in a short form and then pay for the unlocking using your preferred payment method. We’ll then authorize the unlocking on Apple’s server and once completed we’ll send to your e-mail step-by-step instructions on how to permanently unlock your iPhone.

What do I need to unlock my iPhone?

All you need is a WiFi internet connection and the SIM card of a different network provider. If you don’t have WiFi, you can connect your PC to iTunes using a USB cable. iTunes will connect with the servers at Apple, applying the unlocking for your phone.

Why unlock my phone at and not in a store?

The unlocking method used by doctorSIM is recommended by the phone manufacturers themselves. It is legal, permanent, doesn’t void the phone’s warranty and isn’t invalidated by future software updates. Additionally, your phone is never out of your sight because you unlock the phone yourself and if you need any help you can contact our first-class customer support team by telephone, e-mail or chat any day of the week.

How do I know if my iPhone has been reported?

Check here if your iPhone has been reported.
Your iPhone may have been reported stolen, lost or due to an unpaid bill with the original phone’s network provider. If this is the case, even unlocked, you won’t be able to make calls with your phone.

How do I find out to which network provider my iPhone is locked?

In order to unlock your iPhone, it is very important that you select the original network provider your iPhone is locked to (the network provider that sold you the phone). Unfortunately, we cannot cancel or issue refunds for unlocking requests if the original network provider indicated is incorrect. If you are unsure, use our Network Operator service before making your unlocking request.

What happens if I have a fixed-term contract with my network provider?

You can still unlock your phone even if you have signed a fixed-term contract with your network provider. You will have to pay your monthly bills until the contract expires, but at the same time you’ll be able to use your iPhone with other network providers. If you stop paying your monthly bills, your phone will be reported and you won’t be able to use it to make calls.

What is the iPhone Premium Service?

Our iPhone Premium Service is a more advanced unlocking service available for those phones which cannot be unlocked by the standard service. This service may be required if your phone has received technical support from Apple or you have signed a fixed-term contract with your network operator. We always recommend trying the standard service first because it is less expensive and has a success rate close to 95%.

Why unlock your phone with doctorSIM?



The recommended method by the phone manufacturers and network providers.



The simple, fast, safe and legal way to unlock your phone.



This method is permanent and doesn’t void your phone’s warranty.



Your phone never has to leave your side.



Continue using your phone during the unlocking process.



First-class customer support available 24 hours a day by telephone, chat and e-mail.



You will be able to use your phone with any network provider in the world.



Backed by over 5 million successful unlockings to date.

Unlock iPhone Xs Max phone

How to unlock a iPhone Xs Max by IMEI

Removing the network lock on an iPhone XS Max with doctorSIM couldn't be easier. The entire process is carried out online (Over The Air) and all you need is an Internet connection and an e-mail address to receive the simple step-by-step instructions we'll send you to complete the unlocking process.

The iPhone XS Max features the same hardware and cameras as the XS but has a larger battery and one of the largest displays ever seen on a smartphone at 6.5 inches. Apple CEO Tim Cook has called the XS and XS Max, by far the most advanced iPhone we have ever created.

With an unlocked iPhone XS Max, you will avoid having to pay expensive surcharges when you roam on any network located around the world.

doctorSIM's IMEI-based unlocking method is legal, permanent, and will maintain the manufacturer's warranty. Our method is also the only method recommended by the network carriers and Apple. Your XS Max never has to leave your side and you'll avoid the possibility of harming the smartphone as it doesn't require software downloads or hardware alterations.

The improved IP68 protection rating means the iPhone XS and XS Max can be immersed in up to two meters of water for 30 minutes without suffering any harm. However, we recommend proceeding with caution as Apple makes it clear that their warranty doesn't cover any water damage.

Unlock your iPhone XS Max from its original carrier using any of our 100% secure payment options. Unlike other unlocking companies, doctorSIM does not charge a non-refundable processing fee and there are no hidden fees after payment has been made. We also have a dedicated team of cell phone unlocking specialists standing by in case you have any questions.

Please keep in mind that network unlocking your XS Max does not remove any additional restrictions placed on the device by the original network provider. Before placing your unlocking order, make sure the cell phone has not been reported due to loss, theft or non-payment with our Blacklist Check.