UnlockMySIM Setup Instructions

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Step by Step instructions to unlock your iPhone

Estimated Time Needed: 2 minutes
WARNING: 2019-04-02:
Due to a recent update on Apple servers, the only non-IMEI based way to unlock iPhones is by using our UnlockMySIM Sticker.

If you purchased an UnlockMYSIM Card (v2 - white SIM) please see below for info on how to proceed.

1 - Take out your actual SIM, place the UMS Sticker SIM on top of it, and re-insert them together.

If you have an iPhone ranging from the iPhone 5S to iPhone XS please see this video for placement instructions.

If on the other hand you have an iPhone XS Max o XR please place your SIM together with the UMS as indicated in these pictures.
115UMS Clip
Once the UMS and SIM are placed together on your SIM tray, push gently to insert and follow the rest of these steps.

2 - On the activation screen, press HOME and then Emergency call

3 - Type the following sequence followed by the CALL button.


If the previous code wont enable access to the ICC configuration menu, please dial: *5005*7672*00#

4 - Type the following ICCID number when prompted and press SEND

If there is a previous ICCID number displayed, simply delete it


5 - Restart your Phone!

Your UMS sticker MUST remain inside your phone at all times to guarantee the unlocking status.

Congratulations! Your iPhone is now unlocked!

If you need additional assistance with any step, please follow this video tutorial

UnlockMySIM Support and Frequently Asked Questions

If you run into any trouble configuring your UMS, please visit our Support Forum.

You'll find answers to most common problems and workarounds.

Workaround for UnlockMySIM v2.0 (white SIM card)

Due to changes in how Apple handles activations and unlocking, the configuration parameters for UnlockMySIM v2 Cards are unstable.

If you have successfully configured your phone, we strongly urge you to:

- NOT restore your phone.
- NOT update your iOS version

Any of these actions can modify and remove the current unlock status of your phone.

If you restore or update your phone, we will not be able to provide you with a permanent unlocking solution until this issue with UnlockMySIM v2 is resolved.

Rememeber that as long as you keep your phone working in the actual condition with no restores or upgrades, your unlocking should remain in place