Has your network blacklisted your phone?

Find out instantly if your phone has been reported lost or stolen.

  • Looking to buy a second-hand phone?
  • Is your phone not working properly?
  • Believe you may have unpaid bills?
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Why check if your phone is blacklisted with doctorSIM?

  • Check to see if your phone has been reported lost or stolen.
  • Confidential and totally anonymous.
  • Recommended if you are going to buy a used phone.
  • Added value if trying to sell your phone.
  • Get your comprehensive report within minutes.
  • If 'clean' you can network unlock your phone hassle-free.
  • Data compiled from networks and other reputable sources.
  • Have a question? Contact our first-class customer support team.

This report is elaborated from reputed data sources and operators that collaborate with the Blacklist Initiative.

It is complemented additionally with independent entities and providers.
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You'll receive a report based on:
  • Access to 7 global up-to-date databases.
  • Global Dataset updated every 24 hours.
  • Breakdown by Country and Operator.
  • Over 120 Blacklist Collaborating Entities.
  • Valid Guarantee prior to unlocking service.
  • Make, Model, TAC and additional Data provided.
  • PDF Download with certified seal.
  • Confidential and Anonymous.

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