Check if your Sprint iPhone is unlock eligible

Determine CLEAN status and Financial Eligibility Date (FED) validity

  • Valid for any iPhone locked to Sprint
  • Required check required prior to attempt phone unlock
  • Anonymous, Instant and Inexpensive

About Sprint iPhone Eligibility Checks

  • Valid for any Sprint Locked iPhone.
  • Provides CLEAN status and whether Financial Eligibility Date (FED) has been achieved.
  • Sprint phones with CLEAN status and valid FED are eligible for unlock.
  • Perform this check to avoid buying a locked phone with no unlock possibility.
  • Fast, Safe and Anonymous
  • Unlocking pricing/times options for eligible phones are provide post-check for qualifying phones.
  • Customer support available via e-mail and chat.
  • Remember! This service will NOT UNLOCK your phone. It will simply tell you if it is clean with no pending financial obligations, and therefore eligible for unlock.
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