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How this works

1. What is the purpose of unlocking your phone via IMEI?
Some mobile wireless service providers use software "locks" on their devices. These locks are meant to ensure that devices can only be used on the networks of specific service providers. doctorSIM sends you easy-to-follow instructions which will unlock your phone. Easy and quick to complete. This does not affect the warranty or damage the phone in any way.
The IMEI or unique reference number will show on your phone screen after dialing *#06#. You can use the first 15 numbers, excluding symbols and spaces.
There are many benefits to unlocking your phone, like choosing your carrier and the tariff that suits your spending. Plus adding monetary value to your phone is always good, if you decided to sell it. You will receive the instructions conveniently in your inbox and can contact out helpdesk team if you need any additional support.
Yes, it is completely legal; the new standards, which are fully in effect among all U.S nationwide mobile service providers, give consumers greater freedom and flexibility while increasing incentives for service providers to innovate.
Your phone´s warranty remains untouched. Unlocking via IMEI does not affect either the hardware or software of your device.
Service contracts and phone unlocking are non-dependent on each other. You can unlock your phone but still might have to cover your contract (You should contact your mobile service provider to understand the terms and conditions of your agreement)
- How can I know if I can unlock my phone? You can check by entering a different SIM card from the original into the phone. If your phone says: “unlock network code” then you are able to use our services (Necessary for all devices except for iphone).

- Your phone must have the factory settings. If not, restore to factory settings and install the latest software available. If you have any doubts you can contact our helpdesk team to answer your questions.

- If there is an outstanding balance on the bill some carriers will block the device from being used until the bill is paid. You must clarify this with your service provider before using our services.
A blacklisted phone should be returned to the owner. This can be done by dropping it off to the carrier branded on the phone. You will not be able to use our services to unlock the phone in such cases.
The guaranteed delivery time is worked out depending on your carrier and phone model.
You may pay for our services by using PayPal or Cryptocurrency. All major credit cards are accepted. Transfers and deposits are available depending on the country. We are completely covered by security standards. Certified by Verisign, PCI and HackerSafe.