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Mobile recharges to Chile online

Send balance to any prepaid phone in Chile securely and in no time

    • Top up any prepaid phone: Entel, WOM, Movistar, Claro...
    • Send phone credit to family and friends with no hidden costs
    • Anywhere, anytime 24/7 from your own device
Top up balance online or send it to the people you love in Chile

Recharge instantly with no need to sign up

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How to recharge any prepaid phone in Chile in 3 easy steps

Top up your mobile or send airtime to your family and friends. Choose the amount you want to recharge with no hidden charges! Complete your order and the balance will be refilled instantly.

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Frequently asked questions about top-ups to Chile

Which network carriers in Chile can I top up?

doctorSIM is the best option to send balance online to Chile. You will be able to top up prepaid phones operating with the main carriers in Chile: Entel, WOM, Movistar, Claro, VTR, etc.

You just need to enter the number you want to send the recharge to and double check the operator and the airtime amount before completing your order.

Everything is 100% online: you will no longer have to change your plans or go down and look for a store when you want to top up a mobile. Send phone credit from your own device anywhere and in no time.

The balance will be reloaded within seconds on your phone or your family's and friends' so that you can stay in touch whenever you want, quickly and in just a few taps.

How can I transfer balance from an Entel prepaid phone to another?

You can transfer phone credit between prepaid mobile phones by calling 103 from your Entel prepaid phone and dialing option 1 (Mobile Telephony).

Then select option 1 (Packs purchase) and then option 2 (Balance transfer) before following the steps prompted.

Remember that the customer must have been a prepaid customer for at least 90 days in order to transfer airtime.
A maximum of 2 balance transfers can be sent or received within 24 hours and for an amount of $10,000 accumulated during 30 days.

Each balance transfer costs $50.

If you prefer, at doctorSIM you can top up any Entel prepaid phone online in a reliable and zero-hassle way.

How does WOM Chile's Extra Saldo work?

Extra Saldo is an exclusive service for WOM Chile prepaid customers that lends phone credit when you run out of balance.

WOM prepaid customers can activate Extra Saldo through the usual channels or by dialing *103#.

There are different options to choose from.
This service costs $50, which will be deducted from your next recharge in addition to the value of the option you chose.

Remember that you can only request one Extra Saldo at a time and that you must not have any debt from a previous one.

In case you run out of credit and prefer to recharge any cell phone at the moment, you can send recharges to WOM Chile in a few seconds at doctorSIM.

How do I check the remaining balance of a Movistar Chile prepaid phone?

You can find out your remaining balance from Movistar Chile by calling 303 or dialing *303# option 5 from your phone.

Note that these queries have an associated cost of $70.

If you need airtime right now, at doctorSIM you can recharge online a Movistar Chile prepaid phone in a flash and with no hidden costs, so that you always have phone credit and can keep in touch with your loved ones.

Can I pay with PayPal if I send a top-up to Chile?

Sure! At doctorSIM you can use your PayPal account to pay for your top-ups to phones in Chile in a secure way.

In case you prefer another payment method to place your orders, you can choose among many others: debit or credit card, Astropay, DineroMail, Apple Pay, Google Pay, AliPay, WeChat, JCB, etc.

Choose the one that suits you best because all the payment methods available at doctorSIM are fully secure! And you will always have the option to pay in dollars or euros.

It doesn't matter if you recharge your own cell phone or any relative's or friend's mobile. The protection of all your data is a priority for us. We work hard every day to make sure you don't have to worry about a thing besides sharing your love with the people you care about the most.

How do I recharge any phone in Chile from abroad?

doctorSIM top-ups are online. That means the recharge will go through immediately, no matter if you are traveling or if you live in the United States, Argentina, Australia, Spain or somewhere else in the world. All from your own smartphone, laptop or PC.

After entering the recipient number and confirming the carrier it belongs to, select the balance amount and place your order, the recharge is on its way! You can also send a confirmation SMS so that your loved ones receive both the top-up and your personalized message.

Now it's faster and easier to recharge both your mobile and your family's and friends' phones so you can help them or send them a nice surprise that they will always love.

How can I send or request balance to Claro numbers?

To send phone credit, call *103#, select 'Send / Receive $' and choose the option 'Regala Saldo'.

To receive phone credit, call *103#, select 'Send / Receive $' and choose the option 'RegálaME'.

Both customers receive a confirmation SMS after the transaction is completed.

The sender pays a 10% commission on each transaction in addition to the balance amount he/she sends.
Note that there is a limit of 2 attempts per day and 20 per month, as well as 5 monthly transfers received and sent in all.
Balance transfers do not consider promotional balances or social networks.

If you prefer to recharge in a simple and reliable way and with no hidden fees, you can send balance online to Claro Chile phones with doctorSIM.

How can I recharge Entel BAM plans (Mobile Broadband)?

In addition to balance top-ups, at doctorSIM you have the option to recharge Entel BAM (Mobile Broadband) plans to surf as much as you want and whenever you want.

It's really easy! You only have to enter the recipient number, confirm that Entel is the right carrier and choose the plan you want to recharge. The recharge will go through inmmediately so you can keep connected whenever you want.

Remember that you can also top up VTR internet BAM plans, recharge Movistar mobile broadband or Claro Chile BAM plans.