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Unlock Vodafone phone by IMEI

Unlock Vodafone
  • We provide unlock codes for all Vodafone models.
  • Avoid paperwork by unlocking your Vodafone yourself.
  • Our method is recommended by the phone manufacturer.
  • Unlock your phone in the fastest time possible.

How to unlock my Vodafone with doctorSIM?

Fill in the request form Choose payment method Receive code by e-mail with instructions on how to unlock your phone

Once you've requested your unlock code, we'll send simple step-by-step instructions on how to complete the process to your e-mail. Type in the unlock code to permanently unlock your Vodafone. There is nothing more to it!

FAQ Vodafone unlocking

You need two things to unlock your Vodafone
1. Your phone at hand and to be able to access the keypad and drop-down menus. 
2. The IMEI of the phone. The IMEI is a 15-digit number which you can obtain by dialing *#06# on your phone's keypad. 
Yes, once you have unlocked your phone with doctorSIM you will never have to repeat the process. Feel free to restore your Vodafone to factory settings and update the phone's software as normal. 
Yes, once unlocked your cell phone will work on any compatible GSM network in the world. Extortionate roaming fees will be a thing of the past. 
No, doctorSIM unlocks phones via IMEI. This is the unlocking method recommended by the manufacturers themselves and does not damage the phone's software or hardware
No, your Vodafone's warranty will remain intact
Our IMEI-based unlocking services are legal, permanent, don't void the phone's warranty, and aren't invalidated by future software updates. 

Additionally, your phone is never out of your sight because you unlock the phone yourself by inserting an unlock code. 
You can still unlock your phone even if you have signed a fixed-term contract with your network provider. 

You will have to pay your monthly bills until the contract expires or pay an early cancellation fee, but at the same time, you'll be able to use your phone with other network providers. If you stop paying your monthly bills, your phone will almost certainly be blacklisted by the carrier. 
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Why unlock a Vodafone at doctorSIM

  • Unlocking your Vodafone by IMEI will not void the warranty.
  • We will return your money if we are unable to unlock your cell phone for any reason under our responsibility.
  • We will send you step-by-step instructions to your e-mail on how to complete the unlocking process.
  • Cell phone unlocking experts available by e-mail and chat if you require assistance.
  • Unlocking your Vodafone online at doctorSIM is permanent.
  • We offer the lowest prices on the Internet.
  • Multiple 100% secure payment methods at your disposal.
  • Unlock your cell phone without damaging the hardware or software.
  • Continue to use your Vodafone while it is being unlocked.
  • One unlocking service unlocks all models.

What our worldwide customers are saying about us

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    "Excellent service, fast, reliable and economical, fully recommended." after unlocking a Vodafone 858 Smart
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    "Perfect, very easy to make and cheaper muxo q the pakis. thank you." after unlocking a Sony-ericsson Vivaz
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    "Very simple unlocking operation with the assistance received" after unlocking a Sony-ericsson Vivaz
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    "All very easy and fast." after unlocking a Vodafone 411
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    "Very fast and very simple and even economic. there is nothing more to say." after unlocking a Vodafone 858 Smart
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    "It was cheap, fast and easy the whole process. i am very satisfied." after unlocking a Vodafone 858 Smart
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    "On friday i sent the imei and monday sent me the unlock code, which worked without any problems" after unlocking a Vodafone 858 Smart
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    "The unlocking was performed without difficulty in the future require a unlocking count on you to do it. thanks for the service provided john" after unlocking a Vodafone 736
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    "No objection. efficient and eficaces.liberé 3 mobile i had at home and i have to say that work perfectly and i'm happy" after unlocking a Vodafone VS5
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