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Unlock Amazon Fire phone by IMEI

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  • Unlock your Amazon Fire from AT&T or O2 fast.
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  • IMEI-based services that maintain your warranty.

How to unlock my Amazon Fire with doctorSIM?

Fill in the request form Choose payment method Receive code by e-mail with instructions on how to unlock your phone

After you've requested your unlock code, you will receive simple step-by-step instructions explaining how to enter the code into your Amazon Fire. Make sure you type in the unlock code correctly as you only have five attempts to successfully complete the process.

FAQ Amazon Fire unlocking

An unlock code is an 8-digit code used to release a phone locked to one network. Once unlocked, the phone can be used on any compatible GSM network in the world

Unlock codes are unique to each phone depending on its IMEI number. 
IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity and is the unique ID number given to every GSM cell phone

Type *#06# on your Amazon Fire's dial screen to obtain the IMEI number. 
Follow the steps below: 

1. Click on the green Unlock your phone now button above. 

2. Select the country and network provider your Amazon Fire is locked to (AT&T or O2). 

3. Read the descriptions carefully before choosing the appropriate unlocking service

4. Complete the phone information and your contact details. 

5. Finally, pay for the unlock code using one of our 100% secure payment methods

Within a few business days, you'll receive the unlock code in your e-mail box. 
Follow the instructions in the e-mail we sent you or the steps below: 

1. Insert a SIM card from a network provider different to AT&T or O2

2. Turn on the phone and you will be prompted for the unlock code. 

3. Enter the 8-digit unlock code sent to you by doctorSIM and press Unlock

4. This message will then appear on screen: SIM Network unlocked. 

Congratulations, your Amazon Fire is now unlocked! 
Yes, make sure you enter the unlock code correctly when prompted. 

If the unlock code is entered incorrectly five times, the phone will permanently lock to either the AT&T or O2 network. 
Yes, without a non-valid SIM card the phone won't prompt for the unlock code. 

If you haven't received your new SIM card yet, don't worry as the unlock code provided by doctorSIM will never expire
Feel free to continue downloading the official software updates for your Amazon Fire as normal. 

The unlocking provided by doctorSIM is permanent and will not be affected by these updates. 
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Why unlock an Amazon Fire at doctorSIM

  • Simply type in a code and unlock the phone yourself.
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  • Over 5 million phones successfully unlocked and counting.

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