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doctorSIM's Ethics, Transparency and Good Practice

Offering an outstanding service at the best price and highest standards of integrity

Why the need for this page?

The internet is full of shady sites offering unlock services but returning nothing more than a scammy experience.

How to separate the good from the bad? Well, we don't want you to just take our word for it, so instead we propose you run a simple 10 point checklist and decide for yourself.

If you end up buying elsewhere at least you'll be wiser and probably safer.

10 Things to Check to Unlock Safely

1. Best Price & Refund Guarantee
Many sites exploit this claim massively simply to get your money with no intention of providing anything of value.

Every purchase on doctorSIM is covered by our Minimum Price Guarantee, as long as we are comparing apples to apples. We will honor the difference and make sure your experience is worthwhile.

Sometimes simply going for the cheapest is a fast recipe for frustration and money loss. Check the site credentials before buying.

If you still find a better offer, simply drop us a note, and we'll get on it.

Unlocking is also not an exact science, and although we can unlock upwards of 90% of phones, some are simply not possible.

If after you placed the correct order and followed instructions correctly, we still can't unlock your phone, your Refund is Guaranteed immediately
Reviews form an integral part of buyer selection process, and that is why many sub-par companies fabricate their own reviews in an effort to lure inexperienced buyers.

Never trust unlock companies that curate and embed their own reviews with no external independent audit present.

Run a Google search on the company and check out the reviews on trusted independent sites.

Trust review companies such as TrustPilot, Facebook or simply Google that have an established presence and track history.

(This is a list of approved customer satisfaction Google partners. If the company you're reading your reviews from is not there, tread carefully.)
We stick our foot in our mouth many times. We anticipate delivery times faster than we should or blindly trust a provider deadline, only to be left holding the bad side of a deal.

We try to be as transparent and fair with our pricing, as well as accurate with our delivery times, but sometimes we get it wrong...and you definitely let us know when we underperform.

A 9.2 / 10 satisfaction rating is only that good if we also learn from our 1 and 2 star reviews.

Not proud, but nothing to hide here.
Some sites will try to sell ANY unlocking service for a one time payment regardless of the phone make, model or operator.

This is a common scam technique to get your money for a seemingly low price. Unlocking doesn't work that way.

Unlocking is complex. It is not the same to unlock a 2015 Blackberry phone ($2,95 USD) than an iPhone X from AT&T ($39,95 USD).

Prices, Difficulty and Delivery times range heavily.

Anyone trying to tell you everything costs the same is not legit.
To date, we haven't found a legal and guaranteed iCloud unlock service.

If your phone is locked to an iCloud account you do not have access to, your best changes are to try to get the original invoice and have a Genius Bar Apple store specialist unlock it or talk to the prior owner of the phone.

Any other option that involves purchasing a 'guaranteed' iCloud unlock service online from a third party is most probably a scam.

If you buy iCloud unlock from these sites, you will probably lose your money and might be feeding the mafias that are dedicated to online identity theft.

Heads Up! Not to be confused with IMEI carrier unlocking which is perfectly legal and covered by multiple service warranties.
Stay away from sites that don't show their faces.

Would you spend valuable money at an unknown physical store where you can't see the clerk's face? Why do the same online?

Most sites with nothing more than an email form, no real address and a sketchy generic 'about us', are probably hiding something and certainly not offering any guarantees.

You can read about why we do this, and check out our social proof.

Most of our team is based in our Madrid office, but we also have official presence and partners in Mexico DF, Santiago de Chile, and Boston.
Our business is global and our presence online, but that does not make us exempt from paying taxes and attending our fiscal responsibilities.

doctorSIM is a Limited Liability company with principal address in Madrid, Spain and fiscal ID ES84987056B.

We have commercial partnerships with payment platforms (Stripe, PayPal, DLocal, RedSys) that enable us to operate globally while providing a seamless experience for our users.

When deciding where to buy, don't expect an easy refund from companies 'established' in fiscal paradises with little or no fiscal control.
Privacy Policy. Cookies Policy. Terms of Service. GDPR Compliant and PCI Compliant

Staying current and up to date with all legal requirements is a pain, but a very necessary one to gain your trust.

Make sure you know where you are inputting your data.

Nowadays simply having an 'SSL' lock is not enough.
doctorSIM has over 15 payment gateway integrations, not only to enable you to pay fast, but to do so in your local currency, with your preferred method, and what is most important, upmost safety and guarantees.

When you pay through Stripe, PayPal, Apple Pay, Chrome Pay or any Cryptocurrency, your buying experience is full protected.

doctorSIM is PCI DSS Compliant for a fully user-friendly and safe buying experience.

We only offer LEGAL unlocking services which can be performed via IMEI Carrier unlock, code generation, cable or SIM card procedure.

We always recommend you check to see whether your phone might already be unlocked and/or if your carrier will be willing to unlock it for you.

If they won't, we're here to help.

The Right to Repair movement and the 2013 Library of Congress declaration on cell phone unlocking are two great initiatives we deeply applaud.

doctorSIM is happy to embrace these movements and do its part in the fight to gain better control of our rightfully purchased devices.

Regardless of where you get your phone unlocked, at least now you know what to look out for. Give us a shout if you still have questions. Happy to help even if you don't buy.