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The original operator is the network carrier that sold the phone (to you or the original owner) and responsible for why the phone is configured so that it only works properly with one of its SIM cards.

The phone will almost certainly only work with that particular carrier until network unlocked.

If you do not know the original operator of your phone, we recommend an Original Operator Check before submitting an unlocking request.
You can find out if your iPhone is already unlocked by using doctorSIM's Locked/Unlocked Status Check We highly recommend this check before submitting an unlocking request in order to avoid an unnecessary expense.

This service is especially useful if you are going to buy a second-hand iPhone as you can obtain this information with just the device's IMEI number.

It would also be a good idea to verify if the iPhone is iCloud locked with our iCloud Activation Status Check.
A blacklist report is an additional security measure imposed by the original operator preventing the phone from being used properly.

When a cell phone is blacklisted due to loss, theft or because the owner has pending bills, it will almost certainly not work on any network in the country of origin.

The only way to remove a phone from the blacklist is by contacting the network that reported it in the first place. doctorSIM cannot provide this service and does not issue refunds if the phone is successfully network unlocked but doesn't work properly on the chosen network.

Find out if your phone is currently blacklisted with our Blacklist Check.
The iCloud Activation Lock is a feature that's designed to prevent anyone else from using your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Apple Watch if it's ever lost or stolen.

doctorSIM's iCloud Activation Status Check will let you know instantly if the iCloud lock is enabled or disabled with just the device's IMEI number. This check is vital if you are going to buy a second-hand iPhone and wish to avoid receiving an unpleasant surprise when you go to use it.

If the iPhone has the iCloud lock enabled, you will not be able to access the device unless you know the username and password. Neither network unlocking nor any other legal unlocking service can remove the iCloud lock.

If you do not have access to the iCloud username and password, we recommend not submitting a network unlocking request because you will not be able to complete the unlocking process without them.
In general, doctorSIM's IMEI Phone Checks are instant. Once your payment has been approved, the request will be processed immediately and in a matter of seconds, you will receive your report via email.

In some cases, such as with the Blacklist Check or Identify Model Check which is also free of charge, the result of the check will be displayed directly on the screen. If you wish to receive a copy of the result of the check, please leave us your e-mail address.

The Original Operator Check has an approximate delivery time of between 24-48 business hours.
doctorSIM's IMEI Phone Checks are very inexpensive and the exact price will be displayed on the screen when you select the check you need.

We recommend using our checks to avoid unnecessary expenses such as seeing if your iPhone is already unlocked or checking that a phone you are about to buy second-hand hasn't been blacklisted or iCloud locked.
The IMEI number is a 15 to 17 digit number unique to your phone.

The IMEI is a serial number which differentiates your phone from all other phones.

IMEI stands for "International Mobile Equipment Identity" and consists of the following information: TAC (Type Allocation Code): The first 6 digits. Final Assembly Code (FAC): Digits 7 and 8. These two digits represent the manufacturer of the phone. Serial number: The following 6 digits (9-14). Validation code: The final digit, used only for verification purposes.

Type *#06# on phone's keypad to obtain the IMEI code.
The payment methods available are determined by the country in which you are located. Make sure you are seeing the payment methods you can use by selecting the appropriate country flag in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

Once you've chosen the check you need and have typed in your IMEI number, the options will appear in Step 2 of the online request form.

You can also view our full range of available payment methods to find the one that best suits your needs.

Why check your IMEI in doctorSIM?

  • doctorSIM's IMEI phone checks are instant and anonymous.
  • Find out if you cannot make calls because the phone has been blacklisted.
  • Make sure you know the original operator before submitting your unlocking request.
  • Check if your phone is already unlocked in seconds.
  • See if a second-hand iPhone is iCloud locked before you buy it.
  • Perform the necessary checks to unlock your phone without a hitch.
  • All you need is the phone's IMEI number to request a check.
  • Select your preferred 100% secure payment method.

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