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  • Switch networks without losing coverage.
  • Avoid roaming surcharges while on vacation abroad.
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Can't find or don't know the model of your Nokia?

Type your IMEI number and we'll let you know the exact model or equivalent model that you can unlock.
(Optional) We will also send you the information by email.

Do you know to which network your Nokia or Nokia Lumia is locked?

To unlock a Nokia or Nokia Lumia it is necessary to know the original network carrier. If you do not know this information, click on the button below to find out before submitting your unlocking request. Check Original Operator

FAQ Nokia and Lumia unlocking

To unlock your cell phone, you need access to the Internet and an e-mail address where we can send you the network unlock code. You will also need to be able to access the keypad and drop-down menus of the phone. 
It is very important that you know the exact model of your Nokia Lumia prior to requesting an unlock code. If you do not know the exact model or equivalent model, check this information using our free Nokia and Lumia model search function
If your phone is a Nokia Lumia you have a maximum of 10 attempts to enter the correct unlock code. If your Nokia is any other model, you only have 5 attempts. Please note that if you have run out of unlocking attempts, we will not be able to unlock your phone. 

This is why it is very important that you request an unlock code through a reputable unlocking company offering you full guarantees. Avoid websites offering free unlock codes because they rarely work and could easily damage your Nokia. 
In order to unlock your Nokia or Lumia, it is important to know to which network carrier the phone is locked. If you are unsure, find out within minutes by using our Nokia or Lumia original operator check

Unfortunately, we cannot issue refunds if the network carrier indicated is incorrect. 
Reports are additional security measures which prevent the phone being used normally and are not removed by network unlocking the phone. Find out if your Nokia Lumia has been blacklisted with our blacklisted phone check

If your Nokia has been reported stolen, lost or due to non-payment, you should contact the network carrier to which the phone is locked to remove the blocking and continue using your phone normally. Once you've done that, you can unlock your Nokia or Lumia without any problems. 
doctorSIM has been fully dedicated to the cell phone industry for over 10 years now. During that time, we have processed over 5 million unlockings for individual customers, multinationals, network carriers, and phone manufacturers. Our expert customer support agents are available year round to assist you. 

We have also invested heavily in quality controls and certificates guaranteeing the personal information you provide is secure at all times. 
Permanently unlocking your Nokia Lumia with doctorSIM is very economical and you can check our current prices by selecting the country and network carrier to which the phone is locked. As well as earning credits with every unlocking you make, you will find discounts of up to 50% on our website. 

Why unlock a Nokia or Lumia at doctorSIM

  • Conveniently release your cell phone online.
  • We have a full refund policy.
  • Keep your Nokia or Lumia with you while we unlock it for you.
  • Use your unlocked device on your preferred network.
  • Permanently unlock your Nokia from home.
  • Our IMEI-based unlocking method is completely legal.
  • Expert customer support by telephone, e-mail, and chat.
  • Earn credits to put towards future purchases.
  • Over 5 million phones unlocked and counting.
  • Increase the resale value of your Nokia Lumia.

How to unlock my Nokia phone with doctorSIM?

Find and select your
Nokia model
Fill in the request form and payment details Receive code by e-mail with instructions on how to unlock your phone
1. Select the Nokia model you want to unlock and then request the unlock code through doctorSIM. 
2. You will receive an unlock code along with simple instructions on how to unlock your Nokia via e-mail. 
3. All you will have to do is insert a SIM card from the network carrier the phone is locked to and type in the PIN. 
4. Then type the following sequence: #pw+UNLOCK CODE+1#
5. The phone will display the following message 'SIM restriction Off' and will automatically restart.

In less than 5 minutes, your Nokia cell phone will be permanently unlocked via IMEI and without deleting any of your stored data or voiding the manufacturer's warranty!

What our worldwide customers are saying about us

  • J.M. says:5/5*****
    "All good" after unlocking a Nokia X3 02 Touch Type
  • D.Q. says:5/5*****
    "Very very fast-perfect-a little expensive" after unlocking a Nokia 6085
  • B.C. says:5/5*****
    "I'm happy with their work, in 20 minutes i unlocked my nokia 5800 and with very clear instructions." after unlocking a Nokia 5800 XpressMusic
  • J.J. says:5/5*****
    "The process is very simple because the directions are clear and concrete." after unlocking a Nokia 7230
  • J.E. says:5/5*****
    "It was great fast and effective throughout." after unlocking a Nokia 2630
  • D.N. says:5/5*****
    "Fast and perfect." after unlocking a Nokia C6
  • A.D. says:5/5*****
    "The truth is the first time i make this type of operation on the internet and has been entirely satisfactory and fast." after unlocking a Nokia 2690
  • R.A. says:5/5*****
    "Very good service thanks i would like to know if the prices are for all models of the market or it depends on the model i have friends interested thanks and kind regar..." after unlocking a Nokia C5 03
  • I.M. says:5/5*****
    "Perfect!" after unlocking a Nokia 6500 Classic
  • I.C. says:5/5*****
    "Very fast" after unlocking a Nokia C7
  • S.M. says:5/5*****
    "Perfect, easy in 40 minutes had the free mobile" after unlocking a Nokia X6
  • M.A. says:5/5*****
    "Very fast and efficient, i recommend it!" after unlocking a Nokia C6
  • .. says:5/5*****
    "Very fast." after unlocking a Nokia 3710 Fold
  • F.P. says:5/5*****
    "'m super satisfied and actually recommended it to my friends. very professional and fast." after unlocking a Nokia C7
  • A.M. says:5/5*****
    "Starteling fast considering it was sunday 15.00 hours, and very good explanations." after unlocking a Nokia N8
  • F.M. says:5/5*****
    "Perfect" after unlocking a Nokia Lumia 710
  • L.S. says:5/5*****
    "Is very fast and very comfortable. thank you." after unlocking a Nokia 3710 Fold
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    "Near perfect simple, easy and fast." after unlocking a Nokia 2720 Fold
  • J.V. says:5/5*****
    "Very fast and reliable, in half an hour long had the unlock code. thank you very much" after unlocking a Nokia E5
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    "Very fast and reliable, in half an hour long had the unlock code. thank you very much" after unlocking a Nokia C3
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