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Services for Operators and OMV

With a very flexible and absolutely customizable tool, you can either use it as an internal service for your employees or offer it to your clients or potential clients. A tool that will make a difference and help you to win the market.

You can perform consumption simulations and attract new customers by offering a price comparison tool. Integrated into your website, with our tool you can obtain exhaustive and detailed reports and consumption statistics for your clients, you will be able to make recommendations according to each consumption profile ... and much more.

Three tools that doctorSIM offers to operators

  1. Online tool to attract new customers. You will be able to analyze your invoices in real time and recommend their best rate.
  2. Internal retention tool. You will be able to calculate how much a customer would pay in another company and use the information proactively to stop portability.
  3. Advanced analysis tool. For employees or distributors. They will be able to perform invoice analysis and use the results as a sales argument.

Tell your potential customer how much they overpay

We analyze your invoice and issue a savings report in real time With 'doctorSIM Express' we offer you a very flexible web interface in which your potential clients can send the invoice of their current operator and tell you in seconds how much you are overpaying. A powerful marketing tool fast to implement and highly transparent to operator systems. more