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Price and Delivery from:

€ 11.9555 min

Unlock your Alcatel
from its current network

Professional unlocking services valid
for all cell phones locked to one carrier

Price and Delivery from: € 11.95 and 55 min

    • Legal and permanent.
    • Alcatel recommends only unlocking via IMEI.
    • Easily migrate to your preferred carrier.
    • Save money by reducing your phone bills.
    • Pay the same amount abroad as you do at home.

Check to see if your phone is blacklisted before you request an unlock.

Run an IMEI check on your phone


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How to unlock an Alcatel

FAQ Alcatel unlocking

Is it legal to network unlock my Alcatel? 

Our method of unlocking phones by IMEI is 100% legal. In fact, this method is the recommended method by Alcatel and the network carriers themselves as it will neither harm the cell phone nor void the warranty.

Do I need to know the exact model of my Alcatel? 

Yes, you need to know the exact model of your Alcatel to unlock it. If you do not know the exact model or equivalent model, find out using our free Alcatel model search function.

Can I still unlock my Alcatel if I don't know the original network carrier? 

Yes, just select Unknown / Not in list in the carrier provider drop-down and fill out the rest of the information correctly, because the unlocking instructions you'll receive by e-mail are the same for all.

How many attempts do I have to unlock my Alcatel? 

You have nothing to worry about if you have never tried to unlock your Alcatel in the past. However, with some models, you can see how many unlocking attempts you have left by inserting a SIM card from a network carrier different to the one the phone is locked to. You will be prompted for the unlock code and at the same time, the phone will indicate how many unlocking attempts are remaining. If you have run out of unlocking attempts, it will not be possible to unlock your cell phone.

My Alcatel has been reported by the network due to an unpaid bill. Can doctorSIM remove my cell phone from the blacklist? 

Unfortunately, we cannot remove a cell phone from the blacklist. Our unlocking services are exclusively for releasing phones locked to one carrier for use on any other. You will need to contact your network to resolve the issue.

Will my Alcatel lock again if I update the software or restore it to factory settings? 

You have nothing to worry about. Whether you update the software or restore the phone to its factory settings, your Alcatel will never lock again. All our phone unlockings are 100% permanent.

Do you issue refunds if the unlock code doesn't work? 

Yes, we do. Although our unlock codes never fail! However, if for any reason under the responsibility of doctorSIM your cell phone cannot be unlocked, we will issue you a full refund. Keep in mind that we do not issue refunds if your phone's IMEI has been blocked by the network carrier due to loss, theft or non-payment or if it has no unlocking attempts remaining.

In only a few minutes, and with no technical knowledge, you will be able to use your Alcatel on any compatible network in the world!

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